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A common stumbling block experienced by new users of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter is exactly what are they supposed to post on their profiles. They will have (hopefully) learnt that direct sales messages are not a constructive or successful way to encourage engagement and to subsequently extend the ‘reach’ of your presences…so what is? Depending on which report you read, photos and videos are between 10%-50% more likely to be shared on social networking sites, with people being more enthused to repost/retweet visual content.

Pictures/videos do not necessarily need to be directly related to the products you sell as a business, in fact it’s usually better if they are not! Social users like to see personality in the accounts they follow/like so post photos and videos that unearth the individual nature of your company. ‘Behind-the-scenes’ footage that show the human face behind the business is a great way for your audience to identify with you as a company and share your content.

Be sure that you have thought about the ‘next step’ you want your user to go on after seeing your visual content – do you want them to go to your website homepage, Facebook page or perhaps a Contact Us form? Once you have decided on this you can include a link on your content that directs people to their next online location.

Photos and videos are an excellent way to encourage users to share your content, helping you build your online audience quickly.


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