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Social Media

Making Sense of Social Media

Social media – it’s everywhere we go, on everything we see and is included in everything we hear on the radio, television or internet. Most of us can’t buy a box of cereal without being invited to follow the said breakfast snack on Twitter and people’s conversations today are now punctuated with words like Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Digg. Even my mother-in-law is too busy updating her Facebook page to call me.

Analysts are dubbing social media platforms “the future of business marketing” and it certainly does seem to yield results.

It comes down to this, what is social media and, more importantly, how can you use it to help raise awareness for your business and keep ahead of competitors?

What is it?

Simply speaking social media is the means through which the vast majority of people now keep in contact. By making use of the internet and mobile connections we can meet new friends from any corner of the globe and keep in real time contact with them.

Through these vast networks of online communications we can also peer into the personal lives of friends, family and celebrities alike; find out what they are doing right now, read about their preferences and engage in interactive dialogue. We can use this to share personal information, photos, thoughts and ideas (think one big group e-mail which people don’t mind receiving, in fact they choose to read it!)

When you consider that almost 2 billion people have the means to access this wealth of information, it can be exciting to consider the potential future prospects to the discerning business – and we’re not just talking about a few new Facebook fans!

Why should we be Interested in Social Media?

There are mixed feelings amongst experts when it comes to social media, some advocate that it is just a flash in the pan and will be forgotten as quickly as it was discovered. Others advocate that it could be the Holy Grail in our quest for effective and super productive business marketing.

When trying to decide how large a role social media should play in your business plan it is always best to consider the facts.

  • The various social media platforms afford you a fantastic opportunity to meet and get to know your client, know where they are, and understand what they want as well as how you can help them.
  • It enables you instant and accurate interaction with other organisations helping you build valuable business relationships.
  • Times and trends change and the best way not to get left behind is to keep up with what people in general are using, currently this happens to be social networking.
  • Taking advantage of social media is incredibly affordable – in fact in most cases it proves to be absolutely free!

With so much to gain and at minimal cost it makes so much sense to include a generous portion of social media into your marketing strategy.

A ClearCut Solution to Social Media!

We at ClearCut Web Solutions have the knowledge, skill and creativity necessary to equip you with the business secrets of social media. Through the years we have witnessed the growing interest of various social networking platforms. We have studiously kept up-to-date with trends and have ensured that we constantly stay informed with how these developments can positively affect your business.

Below is just a brief outline of how we can help you use these assets to benefit your company;

  • ClearCut Web Solutions can assist you in making a thorough review of your internet marketing strategy. We can identify key points to vastly improve your web presence and take advantage of any facilities available to you.
  • We can clearly identify where your priorities lie and help you categorise core areas to concentrate on.
  • One of the more important areas we can effectively help you is in finding where your potential customers are, how to find them and how to communicate with them. Identifying the social media platforms that your customers use is an essential step in utilising this resource.
  • We can provide you with an accurate and productive plan of action, including a realistic assessment of how much time and energy you need to spend as well as where to spend it.

With regard to social media, it is best summarised in the old saying; “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Social Media

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