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Twitter Made Simple

There’s no doubt about it; Twitter is the way forward and, whether it is here to stay or not, the discerning business should take advantage of this unique facility. Twitter’s popularity seems to have crept up upon us, no big announcements, no fan-dance; it feels like we just woke up one day and there it was! This gives rise to a number of questions; what is it? Where is it from and, more importantly what can it do for your business? This page is devoted to the ins and outs of Twitter; hopefully we can work through the FAQs and help you discover the exciting opportunities available to you through it.

What is Twitter?

To put it simply, Twitter is just another form of electronic communication. Its structure is designed around the basis of 140 characters to answer the question; “What are you doing now?” This has been dubbed, “microblogging” (also known as “Tweets”) as it allows you to candidly and spontaneously communicate with friends, family, clients and even fans. These short messages are quick and simple, providing a convenient alternative from the ever growing load of text messages and e-mails. Just one of the advantages behind using Twitter is that it is a very effective, interesting way to meet new, like-minded people. With its global appeal it also allows you to come into contact with people whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet.

How Can Twitter Enhance My Business?

The importance of investing time and energy into exploring Twitter cannot be over emphasised! With more and more contemporary businesses and companies making good use of this form of merchandising you really cannot afford to be left behind. In order to completely appreciate the value of this electronic media platform I have created a short list of just a few of the benefits:

  • It is a wonderfully effective way of building a stable customer base and directing valuable traffic to your website
  • You are provided with a blank slate, as it were, which you can use to clearly and succinctly explain your business is and what you can do for potential customers.
  • It allows you to target those who are most likely to be interested in what you are offering. For instance, if you are a baker then twitter allows you to find those who are passionate about delicious cakes.
  • Twitter allows you to not only maintain a good customer base but also provides you with an opportunity to develop other helpful business relationships as well as gain the edge over competitors.

ClearCut Twitter Ideas

ClearCut Web Solutions have the solution to all your Twitter dilemmas. Whether you need help understanding what to Tweet about or you just need assistance with the basics such as setting up an account. Through the years, I have kept a close eye on Twitter and its developments. I can, therefore, offer you practical, insightful advice on how to make Twitter work for you. Below is a brief description of the various services provided;

  • We guide you through the baby steps of account setup through to effective usage
  • Create a plan of action – a strategy designed to maximise your Twitter presence
  • Identify and discover your ideal, targeted audience
  • Offer effective suggestions and tips on what to write about
  • Help you construct a reliable Twitter following which will not only be constant but can also grow organically.

I love what I do and this includes helping my clients improve their online prospects. These unique business opportunities are hand in glove with understanding and making smart use of current social media platforms. One of the foremost of these platforms is Twitter. With a little help from ClearCut Web Solutions you too will be able to confidently and effectively create a fantastic Twitter presence.

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