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It’s one thing being on social media, it’s another thing altogether actually using it for what it was designed for! Remember the whole reason you signed up to have a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account and make sure your activity is pointed towards your campaign goals. It’s crucially important that you are actually looking to engage with your followers, fans or connections and that you actively seek their input. With many million people using social platforms every day, however, it can be easier said than done and it can often feel like your voice is not being heard. So how exactly do you create user interaction on social media?

Ask your user base questions; invite them to take part in polls and being overt in your desire to hear from them. People like nothing more than feeling like they are involved so involve them! Be colloquial, have fun and do not be afraid to sway off topic – you may not be direct selling but you are creating a community, a community that may one day buy from you. More than anything, however, make your content shareable! Be sure to have a ‘share’ option at the end of each blog and encourage retweets and reposts. Your most powerful sales force are those people that share your content for free, so give them something to share! Photos, videos and other visual content have been proven to be shared more frequently, so engage your target market with material they want to republish.

If you remember only one thing about communicating on all social media channels it is to engage and share. You will soon find your followers/fans/connections growing along with your engagement and, hopefully, your ROI.

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