What is a Content Management System?

If you are using WordPress, Google Sites, Weebly, or any other website building tool then basically you are using a content management system (CMS). It is an interface that allows you to control the content of your website without having to write code.

That already sounds extremely useful. Every content management system has a set of core functions such as creating a database for your website graphics, optimising links, creating new web pages and uploading new content. If you are a web designer it also allows you to showcase new ideas and designs to your clients before those modifications go live.

Content management systems also allow you to make quick changes to your website and see what they look like without having to expend a lot of valuable time writing code and then changing it. That means that content management systems promote creativity and choice.

Why Do I Need One?

By now the advantages are becoming clear. You do not need to invest yourself into learning code. Instead you need to make sure you understand the way the CMS operates and how to get the best out of it.

Even if you are learning to code or build websites, a CMS will help you better understand the process of designing and building sites. This type of interface also allows website designers to work more closely with their clients.

Clients are able to have the freedom to upload new content to their blog and even news pages or other allocated locations within the site while the web designer is able to take care of the more technical aspects of maintaining the site.

Get a Content Strategy

Now you have got a content management system, you will need to get a content strategy. This is a plan on how you are going to consistently produce new and interesting content for your site. If you need help get in touch here.

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