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A pitfall of companies who have started to transfer their marketing to be online is the seeming desire to jump straight in without due preparation and strategy.

More often than not people are on social media because they think they should be, not because they have determined a clear and achievable goal of being on there. This can be transferred across email marketing and PPC also, with a presence being launched without thought for the end goal of the campaign. This often leads to companies declaring that digital marketing ‘just isn’t working’. Well of course it is not going to if you haven’t decided what ‘working’ actually entails!

In isolation each on-line marketing facet can appear to be aimless and the results it provides stifled. PPC is a great way of generating traffic but not sufficient in community building, whilst email marketing is highly effective at creating customer loyalty but limited in its ability to generate new clients. If you concentrate your efforts into just one of these avenues then digital marketing is unlikely to work for you. However when used together as part of an integrated marketing strategy each element’s strength can be used to support the others. Social media can be used to engage with the new customers PPC is creating, email marketing can sync in with your websites copy to build up a strong SEO presence online etc.

When they are all being used in sync with a clear campaign/project goal then digital marketing will work for your company.

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