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One of the main reasons companies are unable to keep a successful and regular presence on social media is time and resource restraints – people simply do not feel they have enough time in the day to be active and engaging on numerous social channels. This does not, however, need to be as daunting a proposition as it can seem; companies do not need to spend so long every day on social media channels to see tangible rewards for their efforts. One way to ensure that you can consistently create innovative content and keep up to date with your other business tasks is to create one piece of content and cut it up for all your social platforms.

If you were, for example, to write 1 whitepaper this can also form a 4-blog series. Snippets from these blogs can then be taken to create 5 Facebook posts and 30 tweets. LinkedIn can then republish the tweets whilst the images from the whitepaper/blogs can be put onto Flickr and/or Instagram. All of a sudden one piece of content has become over 40 marketing outputs for your company’s multi-platform social presence. What makes this even more time efficient is the fact that 90% of this can be scheduled, meaning that you are being active on social media whilst you carry on with your other tasks. It may take a while to write the initial whitepaper, but it will save significant time in the long term.

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