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If you are looking to get to the top of the Google rankings it’s vitally important that you ‘play the Google game’ and understand how their crawlers scan through site content. Aside from the usual (and necessary) techniques of carefully chosen meta tags, H1 and H2 tags, meta descriptions and back linking one of the most crucial elements of a successful SEO strategy is in the copy itself – this is likely to be what Google scans first. Even if you were not to even consider your search engine rankings, it’s general good practice to carefully structure your websites content, optimising it with your user in mind.

Google scans your page from top to bottom meaning that you need to get the keywords you wish to be found for at the start of your content. Whilst avoiding keyword stuffing, ensure that your first sentence is your most relevant; your second sentence the second most relevant etc. This allows Google to instantly understand what your website is about and how related it is to particular search terms and keywords. As your content scrolls down you can expand on the points made in the first few sentences to verify the content already being ranked. Remember – treat Google like a human and make the sentences coherent and readable. Stuffing keywords into the first two sentences will not only be picked up by Google but will also make your page unreadable to people who do come across your site on a search engine!

Create your content with Google in mind and keep your most relevant content at the start of your text.

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