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There are many elements of an SEO strategy that can seem daunting and difficult to take on if you are not from either a technical or marketing background…or a mixture of both! What actually is a H1 tag? How do you input your meta descriptions? What sites should you try to get back links on and how do you go about it? For some of these aspects it may be advisable to outsource and seek expert advice, but there is one element that you, the business owner, will be more than capable of inputting (or directing its input); the website copy.

Google does scan meta tags, h1 tags etc but it also reads the copy of a website to both rank it’s relevancy and importance. The importance of having targeted and SEO savvy copy will have on your search ranking cannot be underestimated. Draw up a list of key industry terminology (Google has an excellent free tool within AdWords to help you do this) that you wish your site to be found when searched for. Then construct your copy to incorporate these keywords, ideally as high in your text as is possible (Google ranks from the first word, reducing the importance it places in descending order). This then gives your site the best chance to be found for these keyword search terms.

However you have to be aware of the pitfalls of ‘keyword stuffing’, where you try to cram as many of these keywords into your text as closely together as possible. Google is aware of this and if it deems this is a technique you are deploying, it will penalise and potentially black list your site from its searches. Google is searching for relevancy, so your sentences have to make sense and be within the context of your site – you cannot try to hijack searches irrelevant to your industry even if you wanted to – Google will notice this.

Do not underestimate the importance of your website copy – write SEO targeted copy that is in the context of the site.


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