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Making the transition of moving your company on to the World Wide Web is something many business owners are reluctant to do. A lot of hard work and effort has been made to get your business up and running, and now you need to do it all again and on a different medium! But what exactly is different about your online and offline efforts?

The reality is that all the basic principles you have been implementing offline are applicable to your online efforts. But more importantly, maintaining consistency across all marketing efforts is paramount both for brand perception but also for making the transition more effortless. Everything from the colour of your logo to the tone of your messaging can be taken from your sales literature and printed material, ensuring both your site and online marketing matches that of everything else you have both previously done and campaigns you continue to run.

If you are currently running a poster campaign then your social media marketing needs to reflect the messaging, your PPC adverts need to use the same imagery and your email marketing needs to be demographically and geographically targeted to match the locations of the posters. Brand consistency will allow potential customers to have your poster message imprinted into their psyche, so that when they receive your email they will already be familiar with your brand. With this more detailed knowledge of your offering the likelihood of them using your services/products dramatically increases.

Ensuring that both your offline and online marketing are consistent helps streamline resource and time, along with enhancing every stage of the sales funnel.

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