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Being present on various social marketing platforms and being active through email marketing, PPC and SEO campaigns is all well and good, but what route are you trying to take your user down? What is the end destination you want your user to land on and the final goal you want them to complete? If you have rushed into setting up accounts without any real campaign goal or direction you are shooting in the wind – you might achieve a Twitter audience, you might get a good click-through-rate on AdWords but there will be no end product to your efforts…but instead a lot of wasted money!

Start by listing your ‘initial feeds’ and separating all of the online presences you have, ranging from a Facebook page to email marketing campaigns. This will help you establish on which channels and at which points you are trying to engage and gain the interest of your users. Then decide what the end goal of communicating and interacting with your users will be; do you want them to contact you, purchase a product online, download a PDF or complete a form? Whatever the goal is, ensure it’s clearly established before you aimlessly engage with people and spend your budget. Finally, decide the middle step of this process – the landing page where you want to direct people to from Twitter, PPC etc before they ultimately go on to complete your campaign goal.

Defining a campaign goal and establishing the online presences you want to use to get them there will help you map your marketing activity – a crucial technique to convert users to customers.

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