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You may not be surprised to find that the above is a famous quote. The question is can you guess who said it? It was said by Milton Hershey the famous founder of Hershey chocolate. It is hard to imagine that Hershey chocolate was established over a hundred years ago. We still know and use the brand today! That is quite an accomplishment. Hershey took a different approach than many of his peers at the time. The longevity of Hershey as a brand speaks for the wisdom behind the quote above. Do you agree with those words? Well of course most people may say yes if they are the consumer but what about if you are the producer? Well that is the question you have to ask yourself if you are developing a website and in particular a blog for your website.

Quality Content – Is King

You may have heard the phrase that content is king on the internet. This certainly has some degree of truth. However, a more accurate statement is that quality content is king. Why the difference? The main purpose of content on your website is to actually to attract visitors and keep them. Quality content is one of the most effective and beneficial strategies for doing this. Website visitors have to be able to read content that genuinely means something to them and rewards them for the time they spent searching for a service or product. If your website is waterlogged with content but that content doesn’t really serve any purpose or doesn’t appeal to the consumer they will quickly reject it or worse still avoid it in the first place because there are better offerings elsewhere. So to summarise, if you are thinking of developing your own blog then you are to be commended as it certainly is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. However, pause and give careful consideration as to how you are going to keep that blog supplied with meaningful and interesting content that will appeal to your potential customers. 

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