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Taking your brand/product into market is a daunting prospect. You feel that you need to get yourself on to social media, you need to send an email blast, open up a telesales channel etc. Next, you get into your mindset of what you are going to say – you’re going to discuss the product/brand, proclaim its USPs and price points. That is all very well, but do you have any content to back it up?

The best form of verification of your skills and reassurance to your customer is to have content to support your business claims. How can you expect to be considered a thought leader without any content which demonstrates your industry knowledge? How can you claim you’re the ‘most professional’ company in the market without testimonials and case studies which state from clients that this is the case?

Create relevant content to support every stage of the customers buying cycle. Create a bank of whitepapers, data sheets, blog articles, case studies and testimonials to have to hand when needed to convince a customer to use your business. Equally it will support your sales process; by having a whitepaper to send over during initial contact, PDFs and Powerpoints to present at your face-to-face meeting and case studies and testimonials to send during the decision-making phase, you are much more likely to increase your sales and brand loyalty.

Rather than rushing in and panicking, spend time creating content. It could be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

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