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LinkedIn is often referred to as the ‘social media platform for business’, possessing the ability to connect with potential business contacts and form new industry connections. For some it has been a highly useful tool, but for others there is still scepticism.

Here are 5 ways that you can get the most out of LinkedIn for your business, and turn scepticism into opportunity:

1. Company profiles

LinkedIn’s refocused company profiles have made them a viable presence for companies to explore and use. They are now visually appealing, displaying a more structured layout that prospective clients can use it to gauge the quality of your company.

2. Sourcing new employees

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to reduce their spend on expensive recruitment companies. With LinkedIn’s granulated search options it represents a great alternative for employee sourcing.

3. Networking in ‘Groups’

Old styles of face-to-face networking are still highly valid. Where LinkedIn has been successful is in taking the same principles into the digital world, with the opportunity for professionals to meet other professionals, and prospective customers, in industry ‘groups’.

4. Gaining recognition in ‘Answers’

LinkedIn’s ‘Answers’ functionality allows you to demonstrate your skills as a thought leader in your market, publicly enabling you to stand out from your competition.

5. Content in ‘Groups’

With ‘Managers Choice’ within the ‘Groups’ section allowing you to display a particular piece of content, LinkedIn is now a great place to centre your content marketing strategy around.

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