5 Things To Consider When Designing For Mobile

1. Less is best

Whilst you still have enough freedom and scope to exert your creative capabilities when designing for a tablet or mobile device, the complexity needs to be minimal. Remember that your users will be viewing the website on a much smaller screen size, so they need to quickly see what they want to see.

2. Simplify navigation

The reduction of elements also applies to navigation. The user needs to not only get where they want to go quickly, but they also need you to guide them there more easily. Big, bold buttons that are clearly visible and easy to click are crucial with mobile design.

 3. Big copy

The font on your mobile site does not need to differ to that of your main desktop site, but its proportion may need altering. Remember that what the user reads is the most important thing on a mobile site, so be sure to have the text within frame and big enough to quickly scan.

4. Short pages

You do not need to substitute the quality of your design and content, but you do need to ensure it is easily digestible. Users will scroll, but remember that they are usually looking on a mobile device whilst ‘on the go’, so they simply do not have time for large content.

5. Consistency

Certain elements need altering and aspect ratios adjusted, but your mobile site needs to be instantly recognisable as fitting in with your brand. Designing for mobile should be a case of simplifying, not changing.


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