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It seems there are about 75 million websites using WordPress. When you are finished reading this article you will see why.

  1. No Hidden Financial Cost

Yes, WordPress is free. It will not cost you a penny to use WordPress. WordPress is an open source system which basically means it is designed and developed by a community of users who freely share their code.

  1. No Code

Obviously, WordPress operate using code but the great thing about the system is that most times you do not need to write or know anything about code. The use interface is designed so that you can develop websites and change many options using menu driven options.

  1. Commonly Uncommon

What does that mean? It means that WordPress offers thousands of site designs and themes that millions of websites are using. It also means that it is extremely likely that someone will be using the theme you choose. However, the good news is that it doesn’t take long before your site will take on its own unique look and feel as you populate it with your content.

  1. Plug and Play

We are familiar with plug-and-play technology for our computers. WordPress has hundreds of plugins which are sort of mini programs that allow your website to take on certain functionality. These are free and come with reviewer ratings etc.

  1. Spend What You Want

Even though WordPress is free, you have the choice of purchasing bespoke themes or premium features associated with plugins. That means you can set your budget and know exactly what you are getting for your money.

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