Why Is Nobody Seeing My Website?

Getting the right eyes on your website is not an easy process, but it’s a necessary one. In 2011 you NEED to have an optimised website and you NEED to be seen on search engines. In the Digital age, if nobody can find your business then it may as well not exist.

Keywords are an essential element of optimising your website. Google have an excellent keyword tool that enables you to decipher how much competition there is for your selected words and how many people are searching for them. It is better (particularly for SMB’s) to concentrate on highly targeted keywords that have low-medium competition than highly competitive keywords – getting to the top of a Google page for the most popularly used phrases is a long process that is better spent being at the top of niche terms.

It’s vital you use every available faction of your website to have highly relevant keywords in, but be careful: Google does not respond to keyword cramming! If you fill your body copy with nonsensical sentences designed purely to include relevant keywords Google will not rank you and you will have achieved nothing. Instead concentrate on getting your keywords in the right places – make sure you have carefully selected industry keywords in your:

  • Domain Name
  • URL
  • Meta Tags
  • Body Copy

Give your business the best chance to be seen.

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