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Having a website is the first step to becoming a fully fledged digitally capable company. But just being online is not enough in itself to make your presence worthwhile. You need to use digital marketing channels to both build your brand awareness and create lead generation possibilities. But which ones and how do you use them?

Each digital marketing technique has its individual qualities. PPC is excellent for referring demographically and geographically industry relevant people to your website, whilst SEO is more adept at the long term positioning of your company online. Social media can be used to enhance customer service or build an online community, with email marketing rewarding loyal customers. Each channel, in its own right, can help your business. But you only witness their true power when they are combined with each other.

Example – Fashion Store in Somerset


PPC can be used to instantly refer potential customers within the target market (e.g. people between the ages of 14-35 within a 25 mile radius of the Somerset region). Keywords relevant to the products being offered can be included to match that of the landing page, building customer familiarisation.

Social media

On-site social media tabs and streams can be placed once the user has entered the site. A social media presence can then be used to persuade customer acquisition once they have reached the ‘interest’ and ‘trial’ stages of the buying cycle. An active community can be built to encourage repeat business.

Email marketing

Once customers have trusted the brand enough through social media, they can register their interest or purchase the products. Email marketing can then be used to reward customer loyalty with vouchers and special offers, creating continuous and regular customers.


Due to the level of inbound links from PPC, social media and email marketing the website’s search page ranking will increase. With the site appearing higher in Google for key search terms the likelihood of new customer generation increases.

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