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The cheap and obvious option always appears to be to get an intern to work for next to nothing (or in some cases actually nothing!) so that the marketing activity that wields you the least viewable ROI is at least costing you very little. Unless you are extremely lucky and have an intern who can learn the intricacies of both your business quickly AND social media then this is most definitely the wrong approach to take. It may seem like it is costing you nothing, but it’s quite possibly costing you your reputation!

Your social media activity is the voice of your company and as such it requires someone who either knows your business inside out and can relay this in a manner befitting of the unique nature of Social media, or someone with specific knowledge of Social media who takes the time and effort to ‘get to know’ your business. Social media is a niche skill and unless you have someone within your team who you feel can quickly turn their hand to this new form of marketing and communication it is definitely worth considering outsourcing your social media activity to an expert. Even if you do feel you have the correct person within your company, seeking the consultation and training of someone who’s job is in social media will help make this transition a much smoother service.

Here at Clear Cut Web Solutions we have experts in the field of social media who can either take control of your activity or provide training and consultation on how best to go about approaching it. Call us today on 0808 1084913 to see how we can help you get the most out of social media.

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