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If you are taking the plunge for the first time and getting your business online you are likely to have commissioned an external designer or agency to do this for you. When your business is in its infancy this can seem like a pricy outgoing, so the temptation is to always cut corners and go for a much cheaper option. But in doing this you are probably going to regret it when your site isn’t reflecting your business professionally and is simply failing to produce any tangible ROI. You need to look at the acquisition as an investment rather than expenditure – a good web design can take your business to the next level and be the difference between turning a visitor into a customer. Ask yourself: how long is this design going to last?

As with any investment you need to know when it will need to be invested in again! Many designers talk about ‘future proofing’ their concepts and delivering ‘lifelong’ websites. The reality is that the technological sector advances and adapts quicker than any other marketplace and to create a website that reflects the latest trends will always need to be refreshed at some point. However a good designer should be able to grab the concept of your business and turn it into a website that will stay fresh and modern for between 3-5 years. A mix of innovative design, easy navigation, flexible elements and changeable colour palettes allow for minimal updates to give the impression of modernity and rejuvenation.

A website is an investment – ensure your designer is confident that your site will stand the test of (relative) time!

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