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Depending who you listen to, up to 60% of internet users are accessing the world wide web on mobile devices. From iPhones to Blackberry handsets and tablet devices to Android phones – the variety of systems upon which people browse the web is increasingly varied.

This means that when you design a website it needs to be able to incorporate a positive user experience regardless of the device the site is being used on. Long gone are the days of being able to design for a one-size-fits all device and screen, your website needs to be adaptable and responsive.

To do this, responsive design uses a combination of grid systems and CSS3 media queries. A CSS3 media query enables a website to gather relevant date about a site visitor. They then use this to conditionally apply CSS styles. By doing this, the design and layout of the website can adapt to a wide range of resolutions, including a selection of the more regular resolutions of 320px 480px, 600px, 768px, 900px and 1200px.

By implementing CSS3 you are taking your website design beyond that of just being mobile optimised, you are adapting it to be usable for every device, in every resolution and with every screen size. This means that you are not marginalising your audience and are giving your site the best opportunity to be seen by your prospective customers.

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