What is Quora?

To put it simply, Quora is an extremely popular website that serves up questions and answers. In 2017, it had nearly 200 million unique visitors and the numbers continue to grow.

You can search for topics that interest you using broad categories such as fitness, education or politics etc. Alternatively you can type in your specific search term into the search box.

It is a little bit like Wikipedia in the sense that everything you read has been written by someone in the public domain. However, the key differentiator is that the content follows a question and answer format.

This makes for informative and interesting reading. It is also very entertaining as it combines elements of social networking as people interact over the questions and answers that are being offered.

Why Should I Use Quora?

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to read Quora as a source of general reading. However, the world is already saturated with news articles and information websites demanding your attention. So why make a special effort to use Quora?

It is because it can be used as a tool to drive traffic to your website. Web designers and content creators are constantly seeking ways to drive traffic to websites and increase their value and visibility in search engine results.

Any website that has nearly 200 million unique visitors is a major web asset that has got the attention of Google. That means you want to link your site to Quora and even better than that you want Quora to link to your site.

If there are many links between Quora to your site, Google will improve your ranking in search results as you are now presenting as an authority in some subject areas.

Quora – What’s Your Question?

Now you have heard about Quora you will definitely want to check it out. If you need help developing your own blog and content strategy get in touch here.

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What is Quora?

To put it simply, Quora is an extremely popular website that serves up questions and…

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