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Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways of engaging with your target audience and building brand loyalty…but what if it goes wrong? What if somebody doesn’t like your product, or service, or the way they were treated by your company? What if they take their disgruntlement public and try to get other people involved in posting negative comments about your brand? You need to have a crisis management plan in place in case such an eventuality becomes a reality.

One of the main reasons businesses are wary of Social Media is the relinquishing of control over public comments about the brand. By definition there will be some people who are not totally besotted with your company, so it is therefore likely that at some point you will be faced with a challenge from the member of the public on a social platform. If the comment is rude, abusive or discriminating in any way then remove it – your audience will not only understand this they will encourage it. However if the comment is constructive then make sure you respond quickly, even if you disagree with the poster. Be polite, thank them for the feedback and try to open up a conversation with them. Most engagement is good engagement, even if it stars with a criticism. Do not delete a constructive criticism, it will be frowned upon and will appear like you do not value your customers.

Whatever it is, you need to have a crisis management plan in place. If you don’t, you could be heading for a social disaster!

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