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LinkedIn is the social media channel of choice for businessmen, businesswomen and networkers alike. It offers the opportunity to speak to like minded people on a business level in a community that is geared towards knowledge-sharing and profit-making instead of communication and social engagement.

But aside from connecting with potential business partners and clients, what can you actually use it for? Groups are a great way to interact with your target market and raise your company profile. There are many uses for taking an active interest in LinkedIn’s ‘Group’ functionality, but here are two to consider:

Commenting in relevant groups

Use the search bar to find relevant groups for your industry (e.g. if you run a warehousing company, search for ‘warehousing uk’…you are bound to find a hatful). Pick the group most apt for your business needs and see which conversations you can get involved in. Also start conversations yourself – people are looking for relevant conversations to get involved with, so why not benefit via links back to your own website?

Create your own group for brand awareness/thought leadership.

There will be many people like you looking for groups that they can go into to begin getting involved with their community. Owning your own LinkedIn group is a way to both control the conversation but also increase the awareness of your brand. Let people know about your business through unique content and tailored interaction.

Become known as thought leaders by writing interesting posts and sharing your company blogs that add value to your area of work.

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