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Any web designer worth his salt will place a great deal of importance in the wireframing stage of the process. If you have approached a web designer to either create your site from scratch or revamp its current incarnation and they have not mentioned wireframing , walk away!

A wireframe provides you with a visual representation of what your website will look like when completed. Presented in a skeletal form without great detail or content, a wireframe is one of the first occasions that you really get a sense for both what your site will look like and how it will work. From a purely design point of view, it is the point at which the client and designer come together to decide exactly how the site will look. The colour, content, order of elements and type of font are just some of the pieces of the jigsaw that the wireframing stage helps to both uncover and represent.

But the purpose of the wireframes is twofold. Yes it does provide the initial visuals for the project but it is also key in the establishment of the communication of your website – deciphering how exactly the user will correspond with it. The user journey is the route in which you want your website to take the visitor to your campaign end goal (usually to a contact page or ‘buy now’ page) – a wireframe provides this step-by-step account and allows you to accurately set out the navigation of your site.

Do not dismiss wireframing, it is key to getting the website you want…to work how you want!

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