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Nike achieve what a thousand words would fail to do with their ‘Tick’ and the McDonalds ‘Golden Arches’ have become a symbol synonymous with the company. When beginning the design process of your website you have the opportunity to define who you are as a company and a logo presents the perfect starting place for that. Get the logo right and it will shape the rest of your website.

So what do you need to consider? As simple as it sound, the shape is pivotal and simply must tie in with the ethos of your business (if you are a forward thinking and innovative company then you may wish to consider having the direction of the logo moving forward or utilising arrows to signify this for example). Look at your competitors’ logos and use these as a basis for what your industry is expecting from you. Highlight the weaknesses of those logos and indentify the opportunities for your company to exploit them. It sounds obvious, but make your logo stand out – pick an innovative shape that you can identify as representative of your company.

Choose a colour that both fits in with your industry but sets you apart from your competitors. For instance if you are in a corporate environment try something a little different by avoiding the ‘corporate blue’ – choose a strong and bold colour that aligns itself with what you want your customers first impressions to be.

The importance of a logo in both web and brand design cannot be underestimated; it forms the basis for everything that a website should and can achieve. If you are not confident in your logo your website will struggle to convey its message.

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