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Having an eye catching logo is a must. Making sure your site is styled attractively is a must. Having informative and engaging copy is a must. However your customers demand much more from your website these days – you need to take your customers on a journey and it needs to be a journey determined by them!

Before picking up the phone to call you or adding an item to their shopping cart your customer needs to have been handed all the information they require. Studies suggest linking your customers directly to the product or service you want them to purchase results in a much higher Bounce Rate (meaning they don’t visit any other page on your site before leaving it) than if you were to direct them to information on the product/service first. Your user needs to know about you, your business and exactly what it is you’re selling before they take the decision to contact/buy from you. Having customers visit your site is great, but not if they leave after only briefly looking at one page!

Take your customers on a ‘user journey’. Make sure your landing page/home page has optimised and interesting content and link your customers to there first. Ensure where you want them to click next is clear and obvious – attractive buttons, fun animation etc. Every step of the journey you are taking your customers on should be effortless for them.

All the rules still apply for web design, but ensure you synchronise all of these key factors with a clearly defined and mapped user journey.

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