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It’s good to make sure your company is doing what it is best at and what comes naturally to you and your staff – this is presumably what your business is founded on. However the way you display and market what you do does not have to be so familiar and, for want of a better word, boring! So many websites stick to natural and dull colour palettes, with box designs and gridded structure. It works and there’s nothing functionally wrong with this, but as a business you should be looking to stand out from the crowd not disappear into it.

If you’re in the IT industry it is general practice that your logo and website will be blue or red. But why? Why choose the same colour and combinations as everyone else? Perhaps a purple or light green will look just as professional yet will differentiate you from your competitors. Perhaps you do not need a picture of an internet processor as your background and some trendy roll over images that add motion to your homepage will be more on target. Perhaps you do not need to have your secondary nav bar down the left hand side and can trial different user journeys for your website.

‘Playing it safe’ with your website will work and you will seamlessly fit into your sector. But do you want to be just another business or do you want to elevate yourself above the crowd? Try something different – step out of your comfort zone.

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