Web Design: Optimise Your Landing Page

Do you currently have a website but feel it’s not performing as well as it should do? Are you not getting the enquiries despite satisfactory traffic to your site? If this is the case you need to consider optimising your most dominant landing page…but before you do that you need to determine which page that is!

As mentioned in previous blog posts, you need to have a clear journey in mind for your user – having people arrive onto your website on an optimised landing page instead of your home page is proven to result in more sales leads. Choose a page that provides clear information on what it is you offer, probably your services or products page.

Once you have established what your landing page is that your marketing activity is going to send people to you need to optimise it:

Call to action

The most important part of a landing page is what you want the user to do next. Have your clear call to action prominently placed on the page and next to text/images that invite the user to take that action.


The images on your landing page need to be exciting and visually appealing but also informative and explanatory. Big pretty images are no use if they do not provide context and background detail to the user.


If you are sending people to your site from different marketing outlets (including Google’s search engine) make sure that your copy relates to that which they have seen to get them on to your site in the first place. Consistency is key – users want to feel they have landed in the right place and will gain more information on there.


Have your most relevant content at the top, whether that be text, images or pop-ups. Engage the users interest at the first possible point.

Optimise your landing page to increase your chance of conversion.         

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