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Early websites were very content and text heavy. You would often see large sections of texts intercepted with big brash images surrounded by sponsored links and messy navigation. Whilst it is important to fit as much relevant content onto your primary web pages as is atheistically appropriate, you must always try to look at your site through your users eyes – try to make life as easy as possible for your user. Fortunately recent years has progressively seen a move towards more minimalist web design and 2012 has started with that movement picking up even more speed.

A fashionable web design style now appears to be the reduction of elements and complexity. Rather than a colour palette of 10, web designers are finding that having 2 or 3 well chosen colours helps define clarity for user and identity for the brand. Reduce where possible – make sure that each page is as pleasing on the eye as it can be. A web user will only stay on a page if they are enjoying looking at it so do not overwhelm them with an overuse of images and box elements. Try to keep each page as clean as possible by reducing, reducing and then reducing some more! What you will be left with is the most relevant text, the most relevant images and the most easy-to-use navigation.

Do not fall in the trap of trying to offer too much in too short a space. With modern web design, less is more.

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