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When deciding which colours to use on your website, it is often a natural decision to pick the ones which make your brand ‘stand out’ from the crowd. Bold and bright reds and blues can be found all over the web offset with a lighter colour to make text easy to read. This might work to make your website initially distinguishable, but have you really thought about how the colours you have chosen accurately reflect the ethos and core values of your brand? Have you taken the time to study the colour association with certain types of mood and whether this relates to your working environment? Colour choice is much more than adopting the most striking shade – as with any element of design, it has to have a deeper meaning to your brand.

Maybe you are an adventurous company with staff not averse to taking on dangerous situations, whereby red would most accurately portray you as a company. Perhaps you pride yourself on being on the edge of technological advances and therefore the traditional ‘tech’ colour of green needs to be incorporated. The 2 or 3 colours you choose to use on your website (it shouldn’t be more – simple is always best in web design) should mean something to you and your company. Perhaps your first ever brochure was in yellow and blue so you have a historical tie to those colours, or your wallpaper in the office is purple – no matter what the affiliation it has to be a reflection of the company and the personalities within it.

Everything you do in web design is important so do not simply fly through each individual element. Take your time to choose the colours that best depict your brand, be it an emotional, historical or industry relevant connection.

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