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Web designers are good at designer to specification. It is what fundamentally sets aside design from art, as art has no boundaries. However, a designer needs to think about the bigger picture when tasked with a web design project, or that of any logo, brand or social design.

A website design does not have to stop on the web, as crazy as that sounds. When redesigning your site you need to think about how that brand is going to be received by all customers, not just those that explore your brand online. The colour palette that is assigned to your site is something you need to be comfortable pushing onto your social channels and into the physical world. If you rely heavily on a shop, restaurant, garage etc front, then your website needs to be a reflection of what the customer sees when they walk through the door. If they do not relate what they have seen online to what they see in store then they are going to be disconnected from your brand,

Similarly design needs to be able to cross over to all other digital channels. Your logo is something that is going to be seen on every presence you have online, so it needs to fit comfortably within the diameters and perimeters presented by the presences you have. If you are designing a Facebook page, can that be used as a PDF to be shared on LinkedIn? If you are designing an online brochure, is it something that can be incorporated into your website?

One of the skills of web design is the ability to transfer it across multi-channels. Be sure that your design can do this.

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