Web Design: 5 Tips on Colour

Your logo may look great, your language may be carefully crafted and your usability may be all encompassing – but what if the colour you choose drowns all of these carefully chosen aspects out? Here are 5 tips to ensure that your web design colour choice matches your brand:

1) Choose Fewer Colours
Within web design in general ‘less is more’ and this is never more prevalent than with colour choice. Try to limit the amount of colours you use on your website to less than 5, with only 2 or 3 being regularly used. Colours are powerful but not if they get lost in amongst too much variety!

2) White Space
A common mistake made by web designers is trying to cram everything into a small space. You’re taught to have your most important aspects ‘above the fold’ but not at the expense of clarity! Users will be drawn to the aspects that matter if there is more space in-between text/images.

3) Subtleties and Shadows
Being bold is good but being too crass with your colours is not. Add small drop shadows, fades or gradients to ensure you can soften your colours whilst maintaining the impact they have on the user.

4) Background Colour
Ensuring that your background colour compliments your text is absolutely crucial. The background should provide a vivid contrast to that of your text – a dark text on a light background is generally the wisest choice. But remember: they have to complement each other as well as contrast!

5) Cross Device
A Mac will render colours differently to that of a PC which will render them different to a Samsung tablet device. Be sure that you check how your colours look on a multitude of devices to ensure you are achieving what you need to with your colour choice.

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