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You can use Social Media in a wide variety of ways with the most instantly achievable of these being to increase the quality of your customer service….but how do you go about doing this?

The purpose behind your Social Media activity can be used to achieve specific set goals of your campaign. The most achievable of these aims is to increase the quality of your customer service.

Having the ability to respond in real time to both your current and potential clients is a really powerful PR tool. Unlike any other platform, Social Media provides you with the opportunity to deliver instant customer support and to immediately answer questions directed to you. The ability to diffuse and manage potential PR crisis’s along with appeasing disgruntled customers before they have the chance to escalate is a clear advantage that having active social media outlets offers.

However with such opportunities come the possibility of disaster – neglect your social media accounts and ignore the fears your customers are expressing about your brand/service/product and you will soon see situations escalate beyond your control. There are numerous high profile examples of poorly managed and hugely damaging social PR disasters. It is therefore vital that you have a properly managed strategy in place on how to deliver high quality customer service through Social Media. It may not be possible to answer every query directed at you but you need to have active engagement with your customers and to respond to their correspondence. Ignoring them could prove to be a critical mistake.

Increase your social media customer service by following 3 key steps – engage, respond and react.

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