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In the last 5 years you’ve probably felt pressurised to join Twitter and Facebook. You’ve probably been told that you need to be on LinkedIn for business opportunities, and more likely than not you have been convinced to join Google+ for SEO purposes. Now you have all of these presences, what do you actually do with them?!

In many cases, a business is better off not being on social media than having multiple accounts sat there dormant. There is nothing worse than a potential customer acquiring the belief that you are not committed to customer relations and interacting with them. So you are ultimately faced with a decision: close down your static and unproductive social accounts, or make social media work for your business. It doesn’t take much, just a cohesive strategy that interlinks all of your social presences…

Your Twitter account should work to not only interact with your customers but direct them to your website and your Facebook page. Making an initial contact on LinkedIn could push a user to look through your latest tweets before deciding then to learn more in your Facebook community. Whilst your Google+ account can be used to write longer prose and demonstrate your local and industry position, all presented as snippets on Facebook and Twitter.

When you start to use your social accounts in tandem, under a strategy, you will soon see it does not take a lot of time to make social media a powerful weapon in your business armoury.

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