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If you are looking to drive traffic to your website you are usually presented by ‘those in the know’ with two options: work to make your website optimised (SEO) or pay to get visitors on to your site (PPC). Well the reality is you should do both! But more importantly they shouldn’t be treated as separate commodities, they can work together.

Embarking on an SEO campaign can be a complex and long drawn out affair, but the benefits are obvious – you climb the rankings on search engines such as Google. The higher you appear on Google for key search terms the more likely you are to get relevant and targeted traffic on to your site, ultimately increasing the chances of them using your service/product. A way to skip this is to pay to have an advert placed above or to the side of the organic listing, whereby users pay-per-click through to your website…this is called PPC.

Whilst Google will not recognise PPC listings as an aid to your SEO ranking, what it will do is increase your inbound links and site visitors. The more links you have going on to your site and resultantly the more people you have visiting your site, the more relevant and active Google will deem it. A key part of SEO is creating an active site full of relevant content – PPC can help achieve both of these things. By increasing your traffic you are helping (in no small part) to work towards having an active site. Compliment this with regularly updated content on the site itself and you will soon see your site listing rise on search engines. Equally the text you use for your PPC adverts needs to be highly optimised and equally match that of the landing page – by optimising your ads you will help optimise your site…ultimately helping with your SEO.

It should not be a case of one or the other. Use PPC and SEO alongside each other.

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