Use Different Social Platforms For Different Audiences

A repeated mistake businesses starting out on social media make is rushing to sign up accounts to as many different social media platforms as possible. However the viewpoint that profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that are sporadically populated with updates on special offers will suffice in having an ‘active social media presence’ is systematically flawed. When setting up on social media it’s crucially important that you stop and assess the landscape before diving in. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages and each one has their own specific audience.

Knowing which audience is relevant to your business can help save you time and money by only having a presence on the channels that are right for you. Whilst this differs considerably dependent on the approach you take, here is a rough guideline to the type of audiences you can expect to be engaging with on specific social channels:


On Twitter you will find individuals and businesses alike. However the key point to remember is that conversation is real-time, so you are only likely to get the interest of potential clients, customers and business partners if you invest time to engage with them.


Facebook comes into its own with B2C brands. Here you will find individuals ready to communicate with your company and who are willing to receive notifications of special offers and product information.


Often referred to as ‘Facebook for businessmen’, LinkedIn is your professional networking platform. You are likely to find likeminded people to openly network with and build your industry recognition through active engagement with potential clients and industry professionals alike.


The honest answer is that nobody knows what audience to expect on Google+! In their hesitation for business pages it cannot currently be viewed as an open network for companies to seek business opportunities, but we are told that is the long term aim. Keep a close eye on this one.

Remember – you don’t need to be on every platform…you need to be the right platforms.

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