Twitter: What To Tweet About

What To Tweet About?

With your Twitter account, bio and background all set up, now it’s time to start getting out there and to start tweeting. Most importantly with Twitter, and with social networking in general, is to be regular and be frequent. A tweet a month won’t cut the mustard; likewise, 40 tweets a day is going to get annoying. A 140-character update once,  or twice a day, or every two days is optimum, because you want to keep your followers informed, entertained or interested, but you don’t want to drown them.

Plan a time in the day to do your updates. I do mine first thing in the morning, while the kids eat breakfast and I have a chance to read the news – it’s now such a routine that Saturday and Sunday mornings feel a little empty!

So what to tweet about?

Not yourself!

Personal tweets are all well and good, but you’re on Twitter for business – not pleasure. That said, you need to find a happy place between business and personal … give your business a personality, a brand.

Share thoughts about your industry’s issues and stories – use industry newsletters to inspire you as well as projects you’re working on. Maybe comment on how each story may affect your followers, and what they could take from it. If it works in your industry, pass on tips, advice and links that followers may find interesting.

Unless it comes up in your contact with followers, avoid mentioning your product. Social networkers will choose credibility over product every time. They don’t care as much about your product as about the person behind it and your knowledge, abilities and willingness to give back. Keep it business personal!

Next time: How to interact with followers

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