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It’s important (although not always necessary) for a business to be on Twitter. There are hundreds of conversations happening every day relevant to your business that you could and should be getting involved in. Equally it is important that you get your message across and there is a direct result of your actions on social media. This usually takes the form of broadcast tweets, informing your followers (and anyone following a hashtag you include) of the services you provide, special offers etc. Despite what the social media ‘purists’ may say, there is nothing wrong with this – it’s important to get your message across. But it must be intertwined with genuine engagement. If you are not willing to be social on social media you will get found out and it will not work as a tool for your business.

Tell people what you do, what makes your business unique and why they should be interested in you…but also talk to them! Even if the subject appears off-topic, being involved in the community and building a community of your own is pivotal to a successful social media strategy. Get involved in industry conversations and uncover which individuals are influential within your sector so you can actively look to correspond with them. If your Twitter timeline is filled with engagement then users are much more willing to forgive and listen to your broadcasts.

People are more likely to buy from a company who communicates with them – getting onto Twitter is the first step, talking to them is the next.

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