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Before social media came to prominence there was a certain ease in which a business would be able to avoid direct customer interaction. If you were conscious of conversing directly with your customers then you were able to avoid any tricky situations. Social media has changed all that.

Social media channels have highlighted those businesses willing to listen to their customers and treat the consumer as an individual. But perhaps more importantly it has helped alienate those that are not. This is most prevalent with Twitter, where businesses are expected to communicate with their customers on a one-to-one basis. A business Twitter account that simply pushes out corporate messaging or tweets sales call-to-actions will soon be disregarded by the community. In fact, it is fair to say that businesses with no intention of embracing the social nature of Twitter are better to not be on there at all!

It is important for a business that has taken the plunge of having a Twitter account to be prepared to impart personality into their online presence. Customers like to know that they are talking to a human-being and like to get to know that person. The best corporate Twitter accounts allow the person in control of the account the freedom to communicate with other users. Having a clear set of Social Media Guidelines to follow ensures there will be no faux pas or social slip-ups, but it is crucial that businesses are prepared to put a face to their social media activity.


Twitter, like any brand messaging, should demonstrate a personality. Be prepared to be social with your social media – if you’re not, you’ll soon find it counter-productive.


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