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There is no doubt that Twitter is here to stay – at least for a cyber-while. Getting your business set up with Twitter can be enormously helpful, whether to build a customer base, or drive traffic to your own site. But, how do you do it? In the next few articles, I’ll help you through the baby steps, so that you have a well-placed, useful, and pretty-looking Twitter account to wow your clients.

Setting Up A Twitter Account
Think about your Twitter username (fewer than 15 characters). Make it short and approachable, easy to remember and spell, and relevant to your business. You can also associate a 20-character REAL NAME with your username.
With username in hand, go to www.Twitter.com and click the big, green ‘Join the Conversation’ button.
Add your business e-mail address.
Type in the security code and hit “I accept, Create my Account” (if you have a bit of time, you could even read the Terms of Service).
Now Set Up Your Twitter Profile
With your account set up, you need to build your public profile. First of all, add a picture. We want to see you – some businesses use their logo, but a face is much better.
You have a bit of space to explain who you are. Keep it concise. Avoid using too much promotional stuff in your profile, it will turn your readers right off.
You’re good to go. Next article will help you make your Twitter background unique.

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