Top 5 Tips For Your Facebook Fan Page

  1. Cross-Network

Your page needs fans – without them it doesn’t matter how good your content or strategy is! On your Facebook page link through to your Twitter, your LinkedIn and any other social platforms you are on. In return, link to your Facebook page from these platforms. Connecting multiple social platforms moves your customers around the web on content you own.

  1. Make Your Page A Resource

Most people see their Facebook page as a hub for their online community, but it can offer much more than this. By offering industry knowledge and brand information you are widening the scope of your target demographic. Provide whitepapers, links to blogs etc – demonstrate you can create knowledgeable resources and that you are an industry leader.

  1. Create Contests

There is no better way to engage with your customers than by offering them something! It’s not a new marketing technique, it’s an old one that is repackaged. Get consumer participation through innovative and interesting competitions ideas and offer the winner something in return. Get people talking to you.

  1. Listen To Your Customers

Negative feedback does not always have to have a negative effect. Social media gives you the opportunity to respond to your customers instantly and address any issues there and then. Use Facebook to respond to both disparaging and positive commentators.

  1. Target Correct Demographic

You are not Coca Cola, you are not McDonalds and therefore you cannot expect millions of Facebook followers (or ‘likes’). What you can expect is a community of targeted customers who will possibly buy from you. Know your market and create content accordingly.

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