Top 3 Ecommerce Web Design Tips

Having a website that enables your customers to buy products, services or solutions from you online is great. But why would you go to the effort of having this facility available if you have a design that is preventing your website’s conversion success? Here are 3 tips to get your ecommerce site working for your business.

Getting the design of your website to match your target audience is always important but never more so than on an ecommerce site. You need to create a design that gives you the best opportunity to convert your visitors into paying customers. Here are 3 vital tips on how to go about achieving this:

1. Simple Navigation

Like with any type of website the ease and clarity of navigation is the stand-out most important factor in an ecommerce website design. Make your website user friendly; it should be quick and easy to go from one stage to the next. If it is not you may deter a customer from going through such a complicated process, ultimately losing a sale.

2. Avoid A ‘Busy’ Layout

Make it clear for your users what it is you sell and how they can go about buying it. Too many options, a confusing layout and an overload of images will not only make your site messy it will prevent your customers from finding what they want.

3. Short Procedure

Minimise the opportunity for your customers to not buy from you by reducing the amount of pages they need to go through before the‘Buy’ option. A high percentage (touted by some as over 50%) of your users will leave after originally embarking upon the checkout procedure due to usability problems. Do not overcomplicate a simple procedure – keep the number of clicks a user has to do down.

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