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An often objection to people spending significant money establishing a social media presence is the age-old question of ‘what will I get for it?’ Marketers have struggled to answer that question since the inception of social media, despite there being numerous measurables that can be assigned to social marketing. But the most apt response is to turn the question around – ‘what do you get for your other advertising?’

People are quick to question the value of social media, but how exactly do companies track the success of a newspaper advert? What value is there in putting posters up or sending out leaflets? Of course there are benefits of it, namely brand awareness and indirect lead generation, but how do you know? Short of asking every customer you get how they found out about your business, there is no way of tracking the success of these outlets.

Compare that to social media, where metrics can be assigned to every single piece of activity, and it makes it baffling that social media is the one that gets tarred with the brush of being immeasurable. You can identify the amount of people who have seen your messages, the amount of people who have responded to your messages and you can even integrate Google Analytics to see how many of these people have resulted in sales. With social media you can measure everything, including brand awareness.

The next time someone questions the value of social media, question the value of their other advertising. The measurables of social media will always bring it out on top.

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