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A spider’s web might look like a few threads of sticky stuff to the despondent viewer. Yet that web has been carefully and purposely designed to be fit for purpose. Research has revealed that the spider’s silk thread is incredibly strong. In fact, discoveries have suggested that spider silk is almost as good as the toughest man made polymer.
You may gasp in astonishment when you find that a strand of spider’s silk if enlarged to the size of a football field could stop a Boeing 747 dead in its path.

Why does the spider design its web with such strong silk? The web needs to be flexible and yet withstand hurricane force winds that sometimes effect it. Even if it breaks a strand it does not have to make a new one from the beginning again. The most important thing about the web is it can catch its dinner!

Web Design the Spider’s Way

A successful website is a website with good design. Your website has to be fit for purpose. A professional website designer discerns what materials your website needs to be built with. A great designer knows how to attract the viewers you need.

Quality of the design will give your website the longevity it needs. A good design means that even down the line if you decide an aspect of your website needs changing it can be done easily without the fear of losing the whole site. The website’s aesthetic look has to work for the owner and the viewer. Good web design is not only what the client sees with their eyes.

Clever unseen web design makes for a strong website. Web designers have to know how to use HTML and CSS with skill to produce a professional website. How the website links are structured as well as use of the best plugins will make a difference to the success of a site.

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