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Google recently announced a revamp to their privacy policy and a centralisation of all their various platforms ability to share data with each other. Whilst this has scared some people with the threat of their identity security seeming more at risk, it is worth noting the positive (and negative) implications of using Google’s various service offerings can have on your business.

If you currently run a PPC campaign on Google’s AdWords then it would definitely be beneficial to integrate this with Google Analytics. Google’s conversion tool allows you the ability to track the user from the search they entered into Google to trigger them clicking your ad all the way through to the point in which they navigate through your site to contact you. You are able to preset the amount you are willing to pay for this so, for example, if you are not willing to pay more than £1 for someone to go via Google to contact you then you won’t!

However, as impressive as this is, if you had a banner advert or alternative PPC advert on any website you would still be able to track through your users journey and interaction with your site simply by installing a tracking URL into the advert itself. This can then tie in with your analytics programme, whether that be from Google or one of their competitors. A key advantage Google has, however, is their ability to integrate across platforms, with the conversion tracking discussed above being one of the examples of this being used in action.

Don’t be blinded by Google’s power, but be aware of the benefits it can have on your business by integrating PPC (AdWords, AdSense), SEO(Google’s search engine), Analytics (Google Analytics), Email (Gmail) and Social Media (Google+).

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