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Think back to before social media, before blogging and before PPC advertising…what were online businesses using to build up a user base and create a core audience? Email marketing can stake claim to being one of the, if not the, first technique used by internet marketers to communicate with a focussed group of current or perspective clients. But why use it and can it hold its own amongst other digital marketing techniques?

Simply put, absolutely! Depending upon your business, one of the main aims of your website should be to collect contact information so that you can keep prospective buyers/users of your products or services informed. A visitor to your site is less likely to purchase from on their first visit than they are if you can get them to return. Being able to contact them to announce new deals, incentives and just generally keeping them up-to-date will dramatically increase the likelihood they will return to your site and, consequently, the chance they will buy from you.

The power of email marketing has not been diminished by the emergence of techniques and platforms such as social media, it has been enhanced by it! Use social media to push people to your site where you can look to incentivise the user to provide you with their contact details. Offer them a free download that requires them to submit their email address, give them a reason to give you their information. Once you have the contact details of key targeted sales leads you then have the ability to promote to them.

Email marketing is not only affordable, it is a key lead generation and customer relationship digital technique.

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