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When launching a fresh campaign, releasing a new product or trying to market to a brand new target audience it can seem like a daunting prospect. You’ll need to write new content, create new designs and formulate a new plan to successfully tackle a new project.

But where do you begin? How do you go about preparing your business for tackling a new market? A mistake that businesses regularly make is to start afresh by going back to the drawing board to create copy, tonality and design elements to meet new campaign objectives. You’d have been through this process before when you designed your brand and setup your website, why go through it all again from scratch?! You will have ready-made content available that you can chop-up, republish and use as a baseline and influence…so use it!

Whatever content you currently have such as your website, downloadable PDF’s, blog articles, logo, banners, sales literature, posters or leaflets will be valuable, even when venturing into a different market and even if you are creating a sub brand. The copy on your printed literature will have been carefully thought through and can be used to benchmark the copy for your new project. The design elements on your website can be used to determine the colour and styling for your sub-brand.

Before you start writing, designing and marketing from scratch, undertake a full content audit of your current collateral. It will both help reduce time and ensure your new venture is ‘on brand’.

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