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One of the hardest things to achieve with any online campaign is a level of traffic that makes your activity worthwhile. You can have the best service in the whole world but if no-one can see it then it falls flat. The need for an integrated marketing strategy applies to any business but it has never been more prevalent than for companies with online presences. You’re in a crowded market so you need to get an advantage over your competitors. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising allows you to do this in a manageable and financially controllable way.

By having the ability to directly control the amount you pay for each visit to your website/landing page/Facebook page you can accurately assign a cost per visitor, allowing you to both budget your marketing activity and measure its success.

But why not just use Google AdWords instead of Facebook Ads? AdWords certainly can boast a more useable interface as well as results more closely aligned to the users intent. The main advantage Facebook Ads have over both Google and other PPC platforms is from a brand awareness perspective. Simply put; Facebook Ads puts your business in front of more people, more relevant people and more often. With half the world’s population using Facebook for an average of over 30 minutes every day, the likelihood of your advert getting seen by your target audience is high. When you couple this with the precise way you can target your users (age range, geography, hobbies, groups and much more) then you are sure that the majority of people who have the opportunity to click your advert are potential customers.


An online marketing campaign requires an integrated solution – Facebook Ads should be a part of that.

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