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As much as you may have designed your site to be flexible and responsive, there are developments and progressions within the direction of a company that can render it insufficient for certain audience types. This is where a micro site can help.

It is not financially sustainable to keep redesigning your website every year. Hopefully you will have made the design and back-end development accessible enough to be updated and adjusted when new copy is needed or images are to be rotated. But what if you find your business preparing for a campaign that is completely separate from your main site’s focus? A micro-site allows you to extend your service offering without damaging or conflicting with your established brand. It provides you with the capability to focus on different demographics and geographical audiences.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘sister site’,  a micro site is a redesign, rebrand and company progression rolled into one….except it costs on a fraction of what it would to achieve all of that, and takes half the amount of time! If your business is in the clothing market aimed at 16-25 year olds but you have had the opportunity to offer household items for homeowners, a micro site allows you to test the water and see if it is feasible. If your website is grey and red, a micro site can be white and blue without conflicting the continuity of your brand.

If you want to steer your business in a slightly different direction, a micro site is the most economical and progressive choice.


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